Our very own Rafał Ołdziejewski has a new preprint on arXiv about Optical lattices with dipolar bosons and the superexchange liquefaction process!


Optical lattices with dipolar bosons provide a unique platform for fundamental studies of the extended Bose-Hubbard model. The interplay between anisotropic long-range interaction, strong on-site repulsion and periodic confinement give rise to unexpected phases of matter that have not been explored so far in experiments. We propose a mechanism that stabilizes quantum liquids in strongly interacting dipolar gases in a one-dimensional optical lattice. The mechanism is based on the enhanced role of the superexchange processes close to a self-bound Mott insulator state. To support this finding, we contrast our perturbative calculations with full density-matrix renormalization group simulations and characterize the properties of different phases of the system. Finally, we analyze the speed of sound of the model that exhibits a non-trivial behavior owing to the breaking of Galilean invariance. We argue that an experimental detection of this unknown quantum liquid could provide a fingerprint of the superexchange process and open intriguing possibilities of investigating non-Galilean invariant liquids.

Superexchange liquefaction of strongly correlated lattice dipolar bosons



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