Our group has active collaborations with theorists and experimentalists in the United States, Austria, Denmark, and throughout Germany, and we also work in close connection with other groups within the research community in the Greater Munich area. In this respect MPQ is a unique place where experimental and theoretical expertise in the fields of atomic and solid state physics comes together, providing the opportunity to jointly explore new physics.


Eugene Demler (Harvard University)

Wilhelm Zwerger (TU Munich)

Bert Halperin (Harvard University)

Christof Wetterich (Heidelberg University)

Hossein Sadeghpour (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)

Mikhail Lemeshko (IST Austria)

Michael Knap (TU Munich)

Dmitri Ivanov (ETH Zurich)

Sergej Moroz (TU Munich)

Tilman Enss (Heidelberg University)

Jan M. Pawlowski (Heidelberg University)

Joachim Burgdörfer (TU Vienna)

Meera M. Parish (Monach University, Australia)

Vadim Oganesyan (College of Staten Island, NY)

Gergely Zarand (TU Budapest, Hungary)


Immanuel Bloch (MPQ Garching)

Mikhail Lukin (Harvard University)

Rudolf Grimm (IQOQI and University Innsbruck)

Markus Greiner (Harvard University)

Thomas Killian (Rice University, Houston)

F. Barry Dunning (Rice University, Houston)

Leticia Tarruell (ICFO Barcelona)

James P. Shaffer (University of Oklahoma)

Jook Walraven (University of Amsterdam)