Superexchange liquefaction of strongly correlated lattice dipolar bosons Our very own Rafał Ołdziejewski has a new […]
Analytical approach to the polaron problem via the q-deformed Lie algebra Our very own Enderalp Yakaboylu […]
Multiloop flow equations for single-boson exchange fRG Our very own Marcel Gievers has a new preprint […]
New preprint: Transition from a polaronic condensate to a degenerate Fermi gas of heteronuclear molecules Jonas, […]
Operator product expansion coefficients from the nonperturbative functional renormalization group Felix has a new preprint on […]
Disorder between two stacked Transition Metal Dichalcogenides Ever wondered what happens if you stack two TMDs […]
Excitonic Tonks-Girardeau and charge-density wave phases in monolayer semiconductors Rafał and Richard have a new preprint […]
Tunable Feshbach resonances and their spectral signatures in bilayer semiconductors Marcel Wagner and Richard have a […]
New preprint: Phase diagram of Bose Fermi Mixtures in 2D What does the phase diagram of […]
Emergent Kardar-Parisi-Zhang phase in quadratically driven condensates Oriana has a new preprint on arXiv titled “Emergent […]

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