Our very own Oriana has a new preprint on arXiv about the generalized Higgs mechanism in long-range interacting quantum systems.


The physics of long-range interacting quantum systems is currently living a renaissance driven by the fast progress in quantum simulators. In these systems many paradigms of statistical physics do not apply and also the universal long-wavelength physics gets substantially modified by the presence of long-ranged forces. Here we explore the low-energy excitations of several long-range interacting quantum systems, including spin models and interacting Bose gases, in the ordered phase associated with the spontaneous breaking of U(1) and SU(2) symmetries. Instead of the expected Goldstone modes, we find three qualitatively different regimes, depending on the range of the interaction. In one of these regimes the Goldstone modes are gapped, via a generalization of the Higgs mechanism. Moreover, we show how this effect is realized in current experiments with ultracold atomic gases in optical cavities.


New preprint: Generalized Higgs mechanism in long-range interacting quantum systems

  • Oriana K. Diessel, Sebastian Diehl, Nicol√≤ Defenu, Achim Rosch, Alessio Chiocchetta, Generalized Higgs mechanism in long-range interacting quantum systems, [arXiv:2208.10487] (2022).



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