Excitons exhibit many important properties that uncover secrets in many-body interactions. What happens when specially indirect excitons manifest dipolar interactions? Rafał and Richard, along with colleagues, have investigated this particular issue.

We showed that dipolar interactions between spatially indirect excitons give rise to strongly correlated phases of matter, in particular we showed that such a few body system undergoes a crossover from the Tonks-Girardeau phase to the dipolar Wigner crystal.

This result paves a new way for quantum photonics technologies and solid-state based quantum simulation among many other things.


New preprint: Excitons and dipolar interactions

  • R.Ołdziejewski, A. Chiocchetta, J. Knörzer, R. Schmidt, Excitonic Tonks-Girardeau and charge-density wave phases in monolayer semiconductors, [arXiv:2106.07290] (2021).


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