PhD Student

Arthur Christianen

Email: arthur(dot)christianen(at)mpq(dot)mpg(dot)de

Tel: (+ 49 89) 3 29 05 – 310 Room: B 1.42

Address: Max-Planck-Institute of Quantum Optics Hans-Kopfermann-Str. 1 85748 Garching, Germany

Arthur Christianen

I am a PhD student in theoretical physics, in the groups of Prof. Dr. Richard Schmidt and Prof. Ignacio Cirac. My research is mostly focused on few- and many body phenomena in gases of ultracold atoms.

Research interests

-Quantum impurity problems, in particular the Bose polaron.

-Cold and ultracold collisions of atoms and molecules.

-Three-body physics and the Efimov effect

-Ultracold mixtures and the formation of molecules and clusters.

-Variational methods, in particular Gaussian States.

-Implementation of condensed matter models on aquantum computer or quantum simulator.

About me

I started at the Max Planck Institue of Quantum Optics in October 2019. I am a PhD student shared between Prof. Dr. Richard Schmidt and Prof. Cirac. Currentl, my main research project focuses on the description of a quantum impurity in a Bose Einstein Condensate. Our goal is to find an approach that both incorporates the relevant few-body physics (for example the Efimov effect) and many-body physics (polaron cloud formation). To this end we use a Gaussian State variational Ansatz in the reference frame of the impurity.

Before joining the MPQ, I did my Master thesis in the Theoretical Chemistry group at the Radboud University in Njimegen, in the group of Gerrit Groenenboom. Here I looked at collisions of cold and ultracold moleculs. In particular, we proposed a model to explain the unexpected collisional loss of chemically stable bikali molecules.


My publications can be found here: